How can we end the poverty in the entire Africa (especially the sub-Saharan Africa) with the new cryptocurrencies that have the high growth potentials like Bitcoin?

  1. In most parts of the world, the poor people are the vast majority of the global population. Out of almost 8 Billion global population, at least 5 billions of people are poor.
  2. In Africa, out of over 1.3 Billion population, at least 1 Billion of them are in poverty and the vast majority of them are in extreme poverty.
  3. to the vast majority of the citizens of the poorest 50 countries on earth, their average annual incomes are just around $1,000 USD. For them, $10k USD will be like their 10 year salary.
  4. Since its birth, over the past a dozen years, Bitcoin has grown about 1 Million times in 11–12 years. This amont can literally end the poverty in the entire African continent in mere a decade.
  5. So if you had bought $100 worth BTC 11 years ago, now your wealth will be over $100 Million USD ~ $10⁸. So if you distribute this to the average people by $10,000 ~ $10⁴, then you can distribute $10,000 to about 10,000 people.
  6. If 1 Million people had bought $100 worth BTC about 11 years ago, then that total worth would be about $100 x 1 Million people x 1 million times growth ~ $1 Trillion x 100 ~ $100 Trillion USD ~ $10¹⁴ by now.
  7. This $10¹⁴ is distributed equally with $10k USD for each, then this $10k USD can be redistributed to 10¹⁰ people ~ 10 Billion people which is larger than the current world population.



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Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee

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